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Joseph Cornetta, Chief Investigator

Susan Baldi, Spanish Interpreter

Nalda Blanco, Family Court Spanish Interpreter

Fidelis Mitigation Consultants. Defense-based advocacy services for the purpose of plea negotiations and post conviciton pre-sentence phases with the goal of providing alternative sentencing solutions. Please contact our office to fill out a form and arrange for these services.

Trial Consultant, Paul Gianelli, Esq. Mr. Gianelli is available to consult with our criminal panelists and act as consultant. Mr. Gianelli has a wealth of knowledge and his career has been dedicated to criminal defense for the last 40+ years. Please contact our office to arrange for Trial Consult Services.

Retired Judge Martin I. Efman, Quality Control/Case Consultant

Retired Judge Peter Mayer, Quality Control/Case Consultant

You can inquire and request the services of any of our staff by calling our 18b Coordinator, Rebecca Rosenberg at (631) 439-0539 or fill out a "Request for Expert Services" form and emailing it to:

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