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Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Joseph Cornetta, Chief Investigator

Susan Baldi, Spanish Interpreter

Nalda Blanco, Family Court Spanish Interpreter

Fidelis Mitigation Consultants. Defense-based advocacy services for the purpose of plea negotiations and post conviciton pre-sentence phases with the goal of providing alternative sentencing solutions. Please contact our office to fill out a form and arrange for these services.

Eligibility Screening If you are financially incapable of retaining private counsel, you may request the Court to be screened for the Assignment of Counsel. Eligible applicants may qualify to be represented by The Suffolk County Legal Aid Society or The Assigned Counsel Defender Plan of Suffolk County if eligible.

Pre-Petition Representation Early Legal Representation can make a significant difference for families through the complicated process of a CPS investigation. Know your rights. If CPS has been called on you or if you are worried a report will be made, we may be able to help you. Contact us.

You can inquire and request the services of any of our staff by calling our office at (631) 439-0539 or e-mail:

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