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Qualification Requirements


Download and complete the appropriate panel application. Submit a completed application and corresponding attachments:  Certificate of Good Standing, Malpractice Insurance Binder, and at least 4 CLE Certificates in the area of law you are joining, to the SCACP office directly or by email to:

Please Note: Panel attorneys are not employed by the Suffolk County Assigned Counsel Plan, but rather are independent contractors of the SCACP.

Important Application Submission Instructions:
1. Download the PDF to your computer.
2. Open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader, not your internet browser (right click -> open with). Click here to get Adobe Reader.
3. Fill out the form in Adobe Reader, when finished - click "file -> save as", and save it to a place you will remember.
4. Attach the newly saved PDF to your email and send completed forms to:

Basic Eligibility Requirements: 

1.         All applicants must reside and/or maintain an office in Suffolk County


2.         All attorneys are screened by the Suffolk County Assigned Counsel Defender Plan Criminal Screening Committee.  Candidates are screened in person after a careful review of the candidate’s qualifications.  A majority vote of the screening committee is required for placement on the panel.  


All indigent defendants in Suffolk County charged with Murder are represented by private attorneys assigned under the Assigned Counsel Defender Plan.  Pursuant to the Plan, the Legal Aid Society handles no murder cases.  Attorneys interested in participating on the Murder Panel must submit a resume with their  application and be screened by a joint committee of the Suffolk County Bar Association and Suffolk County Criminal Bar Association consisting of four appointed members and the Administrator.  A majority vote is required to place an attorney on the Murder Panel.  

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