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Updated: Jan 27

Effective December 9, 2020, all courts, have been directed to significantly decrease in-person appearances and reduce non-judicial staff to 40% with the remainder of the staff working remotely. All judges will be assigned one day per week to conduct in-person proceedings. The remaining 4 days will be used for virtual appearances only. All jury trials are suspended. Bench trials and pre-trial hearings may be conducted virtually.

All misdemanor, desk appearance ticket arraignments (i.e.: SAP & 254 cases), except for misdemeanor DWI desk appearance tickets, are suspended until further notice and will be administratively adjourned. Misdemeanor DWI and felony desk appearance tickets will continue to be heard in person in the D11 in-person arraignment part. (D66)

Out of custody warrant recalls will be heard before the assigned judge if judge has an in-peson day. Otherwise, the warrant will be re-called in the D11 in-custody arraignment part (D66), along with all TOP reqluests and 180.80 applications.

Family Court Administrative Judge James F. Quinn also implemented coverage protocols and schedules for all Family Court matters. Central Islip Family Court in-person parts are reduced to two (2) judicial parts and one (1) referee part. Riverhead Family Court in-peson parts will be scheudled to one (1) in-person day per week. Any remaining days will be virtual and any emergencies, requireing an in-person appearance, will be referred to Central Islip.

If you require additional protocol information or assistance, please contact our office.

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