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In order to effectively implement the rotation and facilitate the Court in assigning 18b attorneys, the following protocol has been put in place and will be strictly followed: 


  1. Any swaps, notifications and/or changes must be made to our office no later than two days prior to your scheduled date and must be approved by our office.

  2. Attorney’s must confirm their calendar date, via email to:  or by telephone call, no later than 1:00 pm. the DAY BEFORE your scheduled date. 


The attorney of the day will be assigned ALL 18b cases throughout the entire Court building.  I.E.:  You physically appear in DV1, you will be assigned.  Meanwhile in Part 45, there is an 18b case.  YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE ASSIGNED THIS CASE SINCE YOU ARE ON FOR THE DAY.   The 18b Office will notify you of all cases you have been assigned, via e-mail the next day. We will then open up the case in our Case Management System.  This will also assist in expediting your voucher when your case closes, as it will already be in the system.      It will no longer be required for you to fill out the “Assignment Form”, unless you have a case that is not on the list that is e-mailed to you.


The Court expects full day coverage.  We will have no alternative but removal from the rotation if there is a non-appearance and/or no notification of an approved swap. 


Thank you for your cooperation and participation.

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