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Suffolk County Assigned Counsel Defender Plan



July 23, 2020

Defense-based advocacy services for the purpose of plea negotiations and post conviciton pre-sentence phases with the goal of providing alternative sentencing solutions.


The objective of the Suffolk County Assigned Counsel Defender Plan is to ensure high quality legal services for every individual represented under the plan.  Both constitutional and statutory law require New York to provide counsel to certain individuals financially unable to obtain counsel.  In Suffolk County, mandated legal representation is provided under the Suffolk County Assigned Counsel Defender Plan, which was devised by the Suffolk County Bar Association and the Suffolk County Criminal  Bar Association pursuant to County Law Article 18-B.


Our implementation of a Holistic Defense Office combines an Interdisciplinary Defense Team who combine aggressive legal advocacy with a broader recognition that for people arrested and charged with a crime who cannot afford an attorney, that there are proper resources available such as social work, support and advocacy to ensure significant relationships are created and integrated in their representation.  Pre-petition Family  Legal Representation involves the provision of legal services to families after they have come to the attention of CPS, but before a petition has been  filed in Family Court.  

Our current in-house team consists of Spanish Interpreters, Criminal Investigator, Regional Immigration Attorney,  Pre-Petition Parental Representation, Eligiblity Screening Services and Support Staff.   Our staff and Panel Members are committed to providing the highest-quality representation.   Our staff and Panel Members are committed to providing the highest-quality representation.

Pre-Petition Representation Program:  Do you have a CPS case and need legal assistance?  Contact our Family Defense Unit at (631) 493-0539 

Our staff and Panel Members are committed to providing the highest-quality representation.


You must meet certain financial guidelines to be appointed Assigned Counsel.  If you are financially incapable of retaining private counsel, you may request the Court to be  screened for eligibility for the Assignment of Counsel prior to your next court date. Eligible applicants may qualify to be represented by The Suffolk County Legal Aid Society or The Assigned Counsel Defender Plan of Suffolk County if eligible.  You can contact our office at (631) 439-0539 or email the filled out form to  




Your application will be reviewed for completeness and for satisfaction of the minimum requirements.  Your references will be reviewed and some or all of them may be contacted. All prospective applicants are screened by the Criminal and/or Family Screening Committee.

Membership is a privilege, not a right. Upon certification to the panel, an attorney’s conduct and performance are regulated by Article 18-B of the County Law, the Rules of the Appellate Division, and the rules and regulations of the Assigned Counsel Defender Plan.

Suffolk County Assigned Counsel Defender Plan has an Immigration Unit that will aid appointed 18-B Attorneys in immigration cases. If you require assistance, please contact the Long Island Regional Immigration Assistance Center at (516) 560-6474. 


If you or a loved one is an immigrant read the following to stay informed!

Immigration Intake Form

Regional Immigration Flyer

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